When I [Suzanne] started Woof Walking & Co last June I had 3 goals, they were as follows:

  • To provide my neighbours and residents of Milton a Dog walking/sitting/pet visit company that would provide safe, trusting and outstanding service to their pets.
  • To give back to this amazing community both furry and human by donating a portion from every walk each month to a cause that needed every donation no matter how big or small.
  • To have fun!

What a tremendous 2012 I have had! Did I achieve my goals? YES I DID, and then some!

I have the best clients, these wonderful furry friends lick my face, wag their tails in happiness to see me and put a smile on my face each and every day. Really…who could ask for anything more? Well with that being said their parents are so supportive and have passed my name on numerous times to friends and neighbours, we share texts, pictures, video’s, sometimes recipes, great local restaurants, our favorite Dog Shop (Mutt Life, xo) or even roofing companies! We are like a mini networking family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! You see this business was built out of one main ingredient – love. I love dogs and making people happy and when you love something and build a business around your passion I don’t think you can fail. I haven’t worked a day since June 4th, 2012. And you know what they say…”Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life”

My business has been built from 90% referrals from friends, local business owners, my charitable endeavors and my existing clients. I am both thrilled and blessed that my business has grown to the point where I have partnered with my good friend, dog lover and web/social media guru Sylvia Shalatski. Sylvia Brings with her a passion for dogs (she has a beautiful yellow lab named Mats), over 13+ years experience in web design and an amazing energy and dedication to grow this company into one that everyone in Milton knows and most importantly trusts!

I know that 2013 will bring us more furry friends to walk/sit, which means more money that we can donate to wonderful charities/causes. And that of course puts a HUGE smile on my face, I really am blessed and grateful to have this company and call Milton my home!