It’s so important that all dog owners realize their role as a mediator in every dog park encounter, this is crucial. Your dog will do what they believe is instinctively right or if they are not corrected and this can lead to serious fights or attacks on other dogs. It’s our role as dog owners to make sure bad behaviours are stopped before they escalate. Please understand dog behaviours and what playing is versus bullying or attacking looks like.

Woof Walking & Co does group walks and individual walks or puppy let outs for this reason. We have spoken to one too many dog owners that have had a very close call at a dog park. Only a dog owner who can control their dog at all times should be bringing their dog to the dog park, so many variables that people don’t even realize will escalate into a fight or attack. Dog parks are a wonderful release of energy and exercise for so many and we encourage this when the dog owners realize that they need to be participating with their dog and their interactions with other dogs not just on the sidelines. Please beware- Dog walkers who are not trained in dog behaviour/training should not be doing “dog parks” as part of their services. They can be placing your dog and others in jeopardy.

Read this great article on this topic:

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