Did you know that January is “Walk Your Dog Month” ? As you know getting just 30 minutes a day of exercise is good not only for you but your furry bud as well. How will your furry bud benefit from joining you on a 30 minute walk?

  1. Walks provide a great outlet for pent up energy. Dogs build up energy every day and if there is no stimulating activity their energy can turn your good dog into a bored and at times destructive dog. A nice walk helps keep them calm and satisfied.
  2. Help with training. A tired dog is much easier to train than a dog full of energy.
  3. Walks provide mental stimulation. Your dog will encounter many different situations, smells, and noises. These senses can tire your pup out quickly!
  4. Walks provide a Social outlet! Walks allow your bud to meet and greet with other people and dogs, these encounters help build your dogs confidence and social skills. A social dog is a happy dog!
  5. Regular walking can improve and lengthen the quality of your dogs life, and yours too!