What are good reasons to use and know Pet First Aid?

  • saving your pets life
  • decreasing your pets pain
  • relieving your pets suffering
  • helping your pet with recovery

When should you use pet first aid?

You should use first aid immediately following an accident, injury or unexpected illness. We need to remember that first aid should be limited to what is necessary to save your pet’s life, to reduce your pet’s pain and until your pet can receive attention by a veterinarian.

Who should perform first aid?

Pet first aid can be performed to a dog by anyone. You should be prepared and have the following items in your home/car so you are prepared for any emergency or incident:

  • a dog first aid kit ­
  • your vets phone number and address
  • a blanket which may be used as a stretcher if required
  • a pen and paper to take down instructions from your vet if applicable

Most important thing to remember is to stay calm and try not to panic. You will want to be speedy, calm and most of all SAFE.